Question: Is it normal to have doubts before moving in together?

A few weeks or months after youve moved in together, you may start to question things. And thats perfectly normal. Youve just taken a major step in your relationship, and growing pains are totally real, so dont let your doubts derail your future plans with your S.O.

Is it normal to have anxiety about moving in together?

Its natural to be nervous about living with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But theres a difference between some harmless moving-in jitters and well-founded fears that this is a horrible idea.

Do couples fight when they move in together?

When you live together, its also not uncommon to fight more frequently over little things that, in the past, you probably would have overlooked, says Winter. The reason you may find yourself bickering more now, at least while you get used to living together, comes down to one thing: Being in each others space.

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