Question: Should you run pool pump in rain?

The extra filtering will help clean out the impurities rain has introduced into your pools water. Pool pumps are made to withstand rain and it is beneficial to run your pump during or after rain. You should also make sure you run your pump after rain.

Can you leave your pool pump on in the rain?

So shock your pool and keep the pump running. And if youre wondering if you can shock a pool IN the rain, the answer is yes. Just remember that rainwater adds more contaminants, so it wont be as effective as shocking during dry weather.

Is it OK to run pool filter in rain?

Should I run my pool pump when it rains? Yes. It would be best to run your pool pumps because, after heavy downfall, the pool water undergoes different chemical and physical changes. Rainwater can after the pH and alkalinity level of the pool, and it adds extra water that you dont need.

Should I unplug my pool pump when it rains?

At the first sign of an incoming storm, you should turn off and unplug your pump. If this is left running during a storm, the motor may suffer electrical damage and short out. These items should be secured in a safe place to prevent damage and to ensure that they are not blown away in the storm.

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