Question: Is polygamy legal in Lebanon?

In Lebanon, polygamy is legal for Muslim men. Christian men who cant divorce will sometimes convert to Islam and then remarry and have two wives. Additionally, her rights and the rights of their children, such as to inheritance, are diminished by the rights of the second wife.

Is polygamy allowed in Lebanon?

In Lebanon a dispensation for such marriages can be obtained and they are not uncommon. Although permitted under Muslim law, polygamy is generally regarded as both impractical and undesirable because of the additional economic burden it places upon the household and because of the personal complications it entails.

Does Lebanon have arranged marriages?

Forced marriages are unheard of among Christians in Beirut, Lebanon. There are absolutely no consequences [against women who refuse arranged or forced marriages]. By the way, arranged marriages, which continue to exist in Lebanon, require mutual consent and are not usually forced on women.

What age can you marry in Lebanon?

18 While both boys and girls are married before they turn 18 in Lebanon, child marriage predominantly affects girls [14, 24]. The minimum legal age for marriage in Lebanon varies by religious confession as it is under the jurisdiction of personal status law (religious family law).

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