Question: Does Christian Mingle still exist?

Christian Mingle has more than 15 million members and is one of the largest and most trusted Christian-specific dating websites. Similar to other dating sites, Christian Mingle helps match like-minded singles in the hopes of creating lifelong relationships.

What is the success rate of Christian Mingle?

Christian Mingle members have a higher chance of meeting and marrying someone than those on other dating sites mentioned in the survey: 71% vs. 50%.

Why is Christian Mingle not working?

Are you having trouble accessing your Christian Mingle account? If so, please check the following: Make sure youre using the email address associated with your Christian Mingle account or are logging in through your Facebook account. Please check that you are entering your correct email address and password.

Is it easy to cancel ChristianMingle?

Click/tap the photo thumbnail, or ☰ if using the app, and then select Account Settings. Click/tap on Manage Subscription. Click/tap Stop Subscription, which will stop any future billing. Select the reason for ending your subscription, select Continue, then click/tap on Stop Subscription.

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