Question: Did any Duggars kiss before marriage?

The pair had not kissed before their wedding day Justin Duggar has shared the intimate moment he first kisses 19-year-old Claire Spivey at their wedding. In the clip, fans saw the pair kiss at the altar, with Justin, 18, swooping in to give Claire a big kiss as the audience burst into cheers and claps.

Which Duggar didnt kiss at their wedding?

The Reason Jessa Duggar Didnt Want To Kiss Her Husband At Their Wedding. The Duggar family has a lot of rules around dating and marriage that seem unusual to those on the outside. In fact, the Duggars dont believe in modern dating at all.

Who is Nathan Bates girlfriend?

Nathan Bates, star of the popular UPtv reality series Bringing Up Bates, is officially engaged to his girlfriend Esther Keyes. Fox News can exclusively reveal that Nathan popped the question on May 22 in Florida after a three-day celebration of their relationship that spanned three different cities.

Is Jessa Duggar married?

Ben Seewaldm. 2014 Jessa Seewald/Spouse

How old is the youngest Duggar child?

The Duggar family celebrated St Patricks Day with a sweet snap of their youngest daughter, 11-year-old Josie.

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