Question: Whats the most romantic thing to do in Atlanta?

What should I do for my anniversary in Georgia?

Here Are 6 of the Most Romantic Things to Do in GeorgiaSurprise Your Sweetheart with a Romantic Mountain Getaway. See Wild Horses on the Cumberland Island National Seashore. Spend the Night in France at the Circa 1875 Gastropub in Savannah, GA. Enter an Aquatic Wonderland at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.More items •15 Mar 2019

Where should I go for an anniversary trip?

13 Top-Rated Romantic Getaways in CaliforniaThe Dramatic Coastline of Big Sur. Carmel-by-the Sea: A Quaint and Upscale Seaside Resort. Santa Barbara, the American Riviera. The Rolling Hills of Sonoma County. Santa Catalina Island. Rugged and Unspoiled Mendocino County. The Russian River. Victorian Village of Ferndale.More items •Jun 23, 2021

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