Question: What do you do when your long term boyfriend doesnt want to marry you?

Should I stay with someone who doesnt want to marry me?

Staying with someone whos using you as a stop-gap until their true love comes along isnt healthy; staying with someone who loves you but doesnt want to get married for justifiable reasons is entirely different. Their fear isnt about getting married, its fear of it ending in a messy, painful divorce.

Why does my boyfriend not want to get married?

If he doesnt want to marry you, you might want to ask why. If he wont say why, or if its the idea of loss that scares him, you may need to talk things out. You might find out what keeps him away from the altar is the ceremony, family drama, or issues.

How do I get my long term boyfriend to marry me?

5 Ways To Talk Marriage With Your PartnerGet To The Point. This is my favorite way to have any conversation. Start A General Discussion. If getting right to the point freaks you out a bit, then try to start a more general conversation on the topic. Dont Try To Be Too Cool. Dont Assume. Skip The Ultimatum.14 Jul 2015

What do you do when your partner doesnt want to marry you?

Zinn and 10 fellow relationship experts offer roundtable advice on how to approach the situation.Start With An Honest Talk.Trust Your Partners Needs.Ask Yourself, Why Is Marriage Important?Consider Alternative Marriage Ceremonies.Get Thee To Couples Therapy.Know When To Leave A Relationship.21 Jun 2021

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