Question: Is it normal to make friends online?

The internet has allowed us to make friends with a lot of people, but there is a disadvantage to that. As long as you have some common sense, making online friends can be valuable. Just communicate well, make sure who youre talking to is genuine, and prepare to make a friendship that will last a lifetime.

How do you know if an online friend is safe?

Check their social media pages and look at their friends list. Notice how they interact with their friends or followers. You can usually tell by these interactions whether they actually know each other in person (faking a persona is possible; faking an entire group of friends isnt plausible).

What should you do if an online friend ask you to meet you after school?

Meet someplace public. Mike suggested a local restaurant, which was smart on lots of levels. Bring a friend. Dont be creepy. Listen to your gut. Do some research. Be wary about what you talk about. Bring up where youve mentioned them. Have an escape route.More items •23 Jun 2010

How can you be safe to meet someone online?

Our 10 Safety Tips for Online DatingDo Your Research. Use a Google Voice Number Instead of Your Own. Video Chat Your Date Before Meeting. Chat by Phone Before the First Date. Drive Yourself or Take Public Transportation. Meet Up in a Public Place. Tell Someone Else the Deets. Dont Give Out Too Much Personal Info.More items •29 Apr 2021

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