Question: What to do if you see a coworker on a dating site?

Cantarella recommends that if you see a coworker on a dating app, simply swipe left and go on with your life. If you see someone you know online, its like being caught at the supermarket. You both know what you are there for. You just go about your business and move on, she said.

What do you do when you see a colleague on tinder?

(Sorry.) “If you see a coworker on a dating site, you should maintain a polite fiction that you just didnt see them,” Green tells Quartz. “That lets everyone preserve their privacy in a realm where they probably want it. Pretend you never saw each other is the least awkward option.”

How do you avoid coworkers on a dating app?

With Block Contacts, you can do just that. Share your devices contact list with Tinder, select a contact you want to block, and well do our best to prevent you from seeing each other,” Tinder said in its blog. The process is completely voluntary, and you will be forced to opt-in to the feature.

Should I swipe right on a girl I know?

When it comes to seeing someone you know on a dating app, whether youve met them in passing or theyre friends with your friends, the expert advice is simple. As a rule, if you dont want to date them, dont swipe right.

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