Question: How does the dating app The League work?

If youve never heard of The League, its essentially a dating app designed to bring successful, ambitious, elite singles together to breed power couples. You have to apply and are placed on a waitlist while The Leagues team reviews your profile and decides whether youre worthy enough to be accepted.

How does The League dating site work?

We show you matches every day that fit your preferences and whose preferences you fit into as well. If you give each other your Hearts, its a Match! From there, you can chat on the app for 21 days or until romance blossoms and you share your offline details.

Is it hard to get on The League?

Its so notoriously difficult to get into the League, the Harvard of dating apps, that fictional characters complain about it on television. The League has real people vetting its applicants via their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles in an attempt to create a selective community of educated, relationship-minded singles.

How do you get accepted to The League?

Join the Waiting List. Step one is to join the waiting list. Complete Your Profile Properly. Once youre on the list, fill out your profile. Upload Photos and Connect Socials. Once you have your profile complete, add photos and connect your socials. Wait. After youve finished those three steps, its time to wait.

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