Question: Which is the correct date for Heineken beer code?

Heineken USA said it used Julian date coding, which highlights the born on date of the product – for instance, 3 010 KK means the beer was brewed on January 10 2013.

How do you read the expiration date on Heineken beer?

In a four-digit code the year is often placed after the day and 16 is shortened to 6. However, Heineken puts the one-digit year before the date. Kudos to Heineken for putting both a production date and best buy date (BBD) on its products.

Does Heineken have an expiration date?

Our beer will stay fresh for around six months, so check the best before date on your Heineken beer to make sure youre enjoying fresh, quality beer.

What does the date on the beer can mean?

Almost every beer has a date printed on it. When treated properly, this is the date the brewery believes their beer still tastes as they intended it. Other breweries use what is called a Julian date code printed on the neck of the bottle. Its often 3 numerical digits followed by one more digit.

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