Question: What can I text a guy to make him smile?

What can I say to make a guy smile?

Cute Things to Say to Your BoyfriendYou make me feel like royalty.I love how _____ you are.I feel so protected around you.Thank you for putting up with me.Im so blessed that youre mine.Youve helped me become a better person.I admire your integrity in everything that you do.You are incredible.More items

How do you make someone smile over text?

Here are some options of how to comfort someone over text after a death:Whenever you need to call, Im here.I wish I could be there right now.Youre still in my thoughts. Remember that.“Your family is lucky to have you through all this.”“Maybe I cant be there, but theres definitely something I can do.Jul 15, 2021

How do you tell a guy you appreciate him?

Cute ways to tell him you love him“When I think of you it makes me smile.” “I feel special when I am around you.” “When I wake in the morning, you are my first thought.” “I am so lucky to have you in my life.” “You are my favorite distraction.” “Hey there handsome.” “I appreciate you so much.” “You are my best friend.”

How do you make a guy blush with words?

Here are some things we recommend you try!Sweet nothings. Catch him unawares. Wear something sexy. Just for him. Whatsapp him a super cute message. Send a funny but romantic meme to say how amazing he is. Shower him with compliments. Get social. Picture this. 7. Box it up! Make an all-aphrodisiac meal.More items •Jan 3, 2017

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