Question: What are warning signs of violence?

What are the early warning signs for violence potential?

Some signs of potential for violence may be historical or static (unchangeable) factors like:A history of violent or aggressive behavior.Young age at first violent incident.Having been a victim of bullying.History of discipline problems or frequent conflicts with authority.Early childhood abuse or neglect.More items

What does aggression look like?

Aggression can be direct behaviors such as hitting, kicking, biting, and pushing to name a few. Additionally, aggression can take on an indirect form like teasing, bullying, spreading rumors, name-calling, or ignoring someone.

How do you calm challenging Behaviour?

When challenging behaviour happensBack off where possible.Keep calm.Call for help.Leave the person to calm down, if possible.Remove others from the environment, if possible.Be aware of body language and tone of voice used to the person.15 Apr 2014

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