Question: Who did AJ Lee marry?

Who does AJ Lee Love?

CM Punk. A.J. Mendez and fellow WWE wrestler CM Punk started dating in September 2013, and became married on June 13, 2014.

Did AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan get married?

Daniel Bryan is married to Brie Bella and the couple currently have a daughter called Birdie Jo and another one the way. AJ Lee is currently married to former WWE star CM Punk but back in 2012, the relationship status of these two stars wasnt as well known which allowed them to play out a believable romance.

How many relationships did AJ Lee have?

six different Lets take a look at AJ Lees six different romantic relationships in WWE.

Why did AJ leave WWE?

AJ Lees injuries also contributed to her leaving WWE. Permanent damage to her cervical spine shortened her career considerably, depriving us of many great matches and feuds. She also mentioned in her memoir that the fulfillment of her goals resulted in her retirement.

Does CM Punk want children?

Also, he wants a daughter. He has a soft spot for children — even if they do stare at his tattoos and lip ring — and tries to make time for the young fans who want autographs and photos. I do envision myself having kids one day, and I always wanted a little girl, says Punk.

Are AJ Lee and Kaitlyn still friends?

Since Kaitlyns departure from WWE, theyve stayed close and are big supporters of each other in the media. Lee has never been shy to promote Kaitlyn in her following endeavors, including launching a collection of athletic wear that Lee wore on WWE TV.

Why did Daniel Bryan break up with AJ Lee?

Bryan blamed AJ for his loss of the World Heavyweight Championship and ended their relationship.

Is CM Punk still with AJ Lee?

She is best known for her time in WWE under the ring name AJ Lee .AJ LeeYears active2007–2015 (professional wrestling) 2017–present (author)Spouse(s)CM Punk ​ ( m. 2014)​Professional wrestling career14 more rows

Who is AJ Lees best friend?

#1 Paige. Everyones favorite on-screen frienemies became fast friends in real life. AJ has long sung Paiges praises and vice versa. In the days since her WWE departure, AJ has maintained a good friendship with the freak to her geek.

Is Bayley dating Roman Reigns?

The two have been together for more than ten years dating back to both working on the California independent scene. They got engaged in 2016. Bayley has become one of the biggest Superstars in WWE, whereas Aaron Solow has become a prominent feature on AEW Dark.

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