Question: Where can I find Fenton art glass history books?

Is Fenton Art Glass still in business?

After three auctions scheduled in May and June for tools, fixtures and other items, the factory will be demolished later this year to make room for a new school. Fenton said the Fenton Art Glass Co. is no longer active. factory operated for over a century in Williamstown, before closing in 2011.

What happened to Fenton Art Glass?

In 2017, the Fenton Art Glass Company property in Williamstown, WV was sold to Wood County Schools. The factory buildings will be demolished and plans are for a new elementary school to be built on the site.

How much is Fenton cranberry glass worth?

Mass-Market Fenton Art Glass PiecesFenton Glass PieceCurrent Value RangeBlack Rose Bowl$65 to $75Butterflies Bon Bon Dish$10 to $50Carnival Glass Autumn Acorns Bowl$65 to $150Cranberry Glass Hobnail Vase$20 to $403 more rows•19 Mar 2021

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