Question: Is Byron Bay Beautiful?

Surrounded by stunning coastal and hinterland landscapes, Byron Bay is a nature-lovers haven, filled with breathtaking moments and awe-inspiring experiences. Its filled with ideas and information for what, where and when to visit to enjoy the best of the natural beauty here.

Is Byron Bay a hippie town?

It is a place where you can be guaranteed to meet Australias favourite creatures (no not the Hemsworth brothers – however you may bump into them as both have properties in Byron Bay). Byron Bay still has everything hippie however, there are some amazing things to see and do even if youre not the hippie type.

Is it worth visiting Byron Bay?

While Byron Bay may be the most famous town in northern New South Wales, its not the only one worth visiting. The food in particular is worth the trip in itself and I highly recommend hunting down the Byron Bay Organic Doughnut truck as soon as you arrive as they sell out fast and are too good to be missed.

Is March a good time to visit Byron Bay?

June / July / August is our winter season. April / May is Autumn. You would be best to visit April / May. However; Byron Bay has lovely weather most times of the year.

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