Question: Is happn Chinese app?

Is Happn a Chinese app?

Happn, the French alternative to Tinder is now in India and its CEO says theyre not afraid of competition In early 2014, Didier Rappaport launched a meet-up app called Happn, with the aim of connecting people who have crossed paths in real life using their real-time geolocation.

Which country made Happn app?

Happn got its start in Paris, France, but has since expanded to 3 million registered users with strong followings in London and New York City.

Who is Happn owned by?

Didier Rappaport Happn, a dating app based on the premise of reprising chance meetings, is the product of serial tech entrepreneur Didier Rappaport. And despite entering an already saturated market, the apps approach has seen it explode onto the global stage since launching in 2014.

Who created Happn app?

Didier Rappaport Meet Didier Rappaport, the CEO of dating app Happn who also founded video sharing website Dailymotion - The Economic Times.

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