Question: How does the cabin TV show work?

How does The Cabins work? The new ITV2 series will see a cast of singletons throw out the dating app rule book and couple up in cosy log cabins. From the moment they meet each other, they will move straight into their own cabin (complete with hot tub, of course) with their new partner.

What is the point of The Cabins ITV?

A reality series which challenges singletons to the most revealing first date of their lives. Based on the ITV Studios format Let Love Rule, our cast of singles throw out the rule book and delete their dating apps as they attempt to find true love.

Is The Cabins good ITV?

The Cabins launched with a consolidated viewing (excluding non-TV viewing) of 0.8 million, with 43% of its viewers amongst 16-34 viewers, making the show the most watched amongst the demographic across digital channels.

Whats the premise of The Cabins?

The premise is simple: singletons taking part in The Cabins will spend 24 hours with potential matches in an effort to figure out how compatible they are, deciding at the end whether or not they wish to spend more time together.

Where are cabins recorded?

The Cabins is filmed at the luxury Hidden River Cabins in Cumbria. A spokesperson for the beautiful venue said: Hidden River Cabins is unique as we provide traditional log cabins in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.

Are cabin couples still together?

The Cabins - whos still together? Charlotte and Sarah are officially a couple! Since leaving the pair have not only remained together but also got matching tattoos of a red cup and ping-pong ball. Sarah and Charlotte.

How many couples are in The Cabins?

Currently, there are three couples at the helm of the programme with more incoming hopeful daters throughout the series. The series was filmed throughout November, leaving many to wonder whether the couples are still together to this day.

Where is the TV show The Cabins filmed?

Hidden River Cabins The show is filmed in Hidden River Cabins in Cumbria, right by the Lake District.

What happens at the end of The Cabins?

Cabin In The Wood: Ending Explained. The Director explains that The Ancient Ones will not attack Earth if Marty dies. Dana holds the gun to Marty as she feels one death is better than the entire planet. Dana gets taken down by a werewolf, the Director gets thrown over by the zombie that followed the duo down.

Who is will from The Cabins?

Will Mcgregor is a 28-year-old working for a family-run electrical company. From London, he has been single for three years following a five-year relationship.

What time does The Cabins start tonight?

9pm GMT What time is The Cabins on? The Cabins will start on ITV2 tonight, Monday 4 January, at 9pm GMT โ€“ and will be available on the ITV Hub after the broadcast. The series will feature a show every week night at the same time and follow a similar format to Love Island.

Are Charlotte and Sarah still together The Cabins?

Charlotte and Sarah are officially a couple! Since leaving the pair have not only remained together but also got matching tattoos of a red cup and ping-pong ball.

What happens to the cabin couples?

When decision time arrived, the pair got deep with each other and admitted theyd love to start a new chapter on the outside world, leaving as an exclusive cabins couple. On the reunion show, model couple April and Ryan confirmed they are still together, and theyve even formed a support bubble! CUTE!

Are Sarah and char from The Cabins still together?

Sarah and Charlotte confirmed they are still together on The Cabins reunion, which aired on Sunday (January 24th). They got matching tattoos of cups on their wrists, after spending lots of time together โ€“ with just one week apart. They also confessed their love for each other.

What happened to the couple on The Cabins?

The pair decided they would like to get to know each other more on the outside world, leaving the show as an exclusive cabins couple. We had high hopes for these two, but on the reunion show Robyn and Mamudo confirmed they are no longer together, with Robyn revealing she found Mamudo different in the real world.

Who does voice over for The Cabins?

Maisie Adam Who is The Cabins narrator? Meet Maisie Adam โ€“ the voiceover for ITVs new dating show. The Yorkshire comedian provides the voiceover for the new series. New dating show The Cabins kicked off on ITV2 on January 4th, and already the drama has started.

Can you stay at The Cabins?

You can book to stay at the filming spot Fans were quick to spot the location, with one writing: Are those cabins Hidden River Cabins in Cumbria.

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