Question: Do Danish People Say I love You?

What are some common phrases in Danish?

Danish Greetings and Basic ExpressionsGoddag. - Good day.Hej. - Hello.Farvel. - Goodbye.Ja. - Yes.Nej. - No.Tak. - Thank you.Undskyld. - Excuse me.Hvad hedder du? - Whats your name?More items •17 Nov 2019

How can I be polite in Danish?

Here are 12 ways you can make your Danish more polite.Tak for mad - Thank you for food. Velbekomme - may it become you well. Undskyld - Im sorry. Værsågod - Here you are. Må jeg bede om - may I please have. Vær så venlig / vær sød at - be so kind. Det var så lidt / selv tak - You are welcome.More items •30 Apr 2018

How do I write my name in Danish?

0:342:15and ask what is your name? in Danish - One Minute - YouTubeYouTube

How do I say please in Danish?

Tak - thanks. You can finish a request politely with a tak, which is the closest Danish comes to a please.

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