Question: How much money does Trade Me make?

1.95% of the total purchase price, including shipping. Top Sellers receive a reduced fee of 1.65%.

How does Trade Me make money?

7 Simple TradeMe Tips: Turn Your Trash Into TreasureThink of the process of selling on TradeMe as a funnel. Research how your other sellers are selling the item. Set the auction close to 9pm Sunday night. Run your auction for 10 days. Be ridiculously honest in the description. Always sell at $1 No Reserve.More items •Nov 1, 2012

How much did Sam Morgan sell Trade Me for?

Sam is an entrepreneur most famous for founding Trade Me at the age of 23 in 1999 after a frustrating experience buying a heater for his chilly flat. After several years of tireless work, he sold it in 2006 for over $700 million.

How much does it cost to withdraw a Trade Me auction?

You can withdraw a listing within the first hour free, all listings fees will also be refunded. If the listing has been live for over an hour, youll be charged a fee – the higher of $3, or the applicable success fee if the item were to sell. Classifieds are always free to withdraw.

Who invented Trade Me?

Sam Morgan Trade Me/Founders Sam Morgan (born 1975) is best known as the founder of Trade Me, New Zealands largest online auction site, which he sold in 2006 to Australian media company Fairfax for over NZ$700 million.

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