Question: Where do most Costa Ricans live in Costa Rica?

Most of them live in secluded reservations, distributed among eight ethnic groups: Quitirrisí (in the Central Valley), Matambú or Chorotega (Guanacaste), Maleku (northern Alajuela), Bribri (southern Atlantic), Cabécar (Cordillera de Talamanca), Guaymí (southern Costa Rica, along the Panamá border), Boruca (southern

What part of Costa Rica do most expats live?

The Central Pacific Coast stretches from Puntarenas to Manuel Antonio. The most popular expat places here would be Playa Herradura, where there is a large upscale development called Los Sueños, Playa Jaco, Esterillos, and down the coast to Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Where do the majority of Costa Ricans live?

Central Valley The majority of European descendants live in the Central Valley where 70% of the whole population is located. On the other hand, most Costa Ricans of Afro-Caribbean heritage reside on the Caribbean coast.

Where is the safest place in Costa Rica to live?

Escazu Some call Escazu Costa Ricas Beverly Hills since it is home to many wealthy American and European expats. Its probably the safest place to live in Costa Rica and has become a major hub for foreigners. It has all the charm of Costa Rica with all of the conveniences of the U.S.

Where do wealthy Costa Ricans live?

Both Escazu and Santa Ana have some of the highest-priced properties in Costa Rica. Close to shopping centres and high-end restaurants and providing an easy commute into San Jose, they attract the wealthiest locals and expats.

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