Question: Who was at Ed Sheerans wedding?

Everyone was very present, he said of the occasion. Ware, who was invited to the party, then revealed at least two of the celebs who attended the bash: Sam Smith and Stella McCartney.

Did Ed Sheeran have a wedding?

Seaborn and Sheeran were married in a private ceremony in January 2019—a super private ceremony. In fact, confirmation of the wedding didnt arrive until July 2019. The news only emerged after Sheeran referred to Seaborn as his wife in a song on his No. 6 Collaborations Project, Remember the Name.

Did Ed Sheeran marry his high school sweetheart?

In December 2018, the pop star and longtime friend got married, but they kept the wedding a total secret from the public until February 2019. According to People, the couple were married in front of just 40 close friends and family in a small ceremony at Sheerans home.

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