Question: What is the best part of Costa del Sol?

Which is nicer Torremolinos or Benalmadena?

Benalmadena or Torremolinos: what travelers say Benalmadena (coast) is more of a beach resort with an attractive marina and restaurants, shops, and bars located around it. Travelers generally find the beaches better in Torremolinos whereas Benalmadena has better nightlife.

Can you walk from Benalmadena to Fuengirola?

Yes its possible .not that difficult tbh. Done it quite a few times. once you get past sunset beach hotel most of walk is on road path. you can keep popping back and forth to beach as well but for ease I find it better on road is quite a hike so take water as no refuelling stations until fuenigrola.

What airport do you fly into for Costa del Sol?

Málaga Airport Fly to the Costa del Sol The main gateway for the Costa del Sol is Málaga Airport (AGP), officially Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, which is located just south of Málaga city.

Is Costa del Sol safe?

Other than small crimes, Costa del Sol is a safe place to vacation. However, there is a definate risk of attempted theft, even if unsuccessful. You should be aware that there are a large number of active criminals in the large areas especially Fuengirola.

Is there an old town in Benalmadena?

Benalmadena Pueblo is the old village of Benalmadena. Benalmadena Pueblo is a beautiful typical Andalucian village, set high above the marina.

How much is a taxi from Fuengirola to Benalmadena?

The quickest way to get from Fuengirola to Benalmádena is to taxi which costs €13 - €17 and takes 8 min.

Is Torremolinos safe at night?

If possible, stay off the beaches late at night. The beaches are not well lit. This is also when muggers and robbers may show up. Dont be a victim of dangerous crime and stay safe.

Is Torremolinos like Benidorm?

Benidorm is NOTHING like Torremolinos. Torre is more Spanish. There are no (or very few) Cabaret type clubs such as you get in Beni. Its a more relaxed holiday IMO.

What is the warmest place in Spain in winter?

Where to enjoy the winter holidays in SpainAndalucia is the hottest part of Spain in winter. Another province of Andalucia, Almerias claim to fame is that it features the only desert in Europe, The Tabernas, north from Almeria city.More items •27 Dec 2020

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