Question: Is there skill based matchmaking in unrated Valorant?

Unrated is an alternate label for unranked gameplay in Valorant. There will be skill based matchmaking in unrated :).

Does Unrated Valorant have skill based matchmaking?

Simply put, Valorant will have skill-based matchmaking. And it wont just be in the ranked playlist either, but in the unranked playlist as well, which Valorant dubs “Unrated.” For those unfamiliar, this means that every Valorant lobby will pit players of similar skill levels against each other.

How does matchmaking work for unrated Valorant?

Matchmaking rating Each player is assigned a number based on their in-game performance that adjusts over time. Players cannot see their MMR, but their games should be populated with players similar in skill. This allows each game to be evenly matched even if some players are at lower or higher ranks.

Is Valorant Unrated based on rank?

To start, you cant just jump into competitive/ranked mode on a whim. You must complete 10 unrated matches to unlock competitive mode for the game. Valorant also takes your previous 10 unrated wins into consideration when determining your rank.

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