Question: Whats the point of a SUV tent?

Protection. While having a locked RV or camper is the ultimate protection (well, aside from renting out a hotel room), SUV tents will also provide protection against bugs and other unwanted critters of the night as well. You do not have to worry about mosquitoes in the hot, summer months as well.

What is the benefit of a car top tent?

Having your tent on top of your vehicle allows you to stash your expensive gear inside your locked vehicle while you are sleeping. Some diehard offroaders sleep in their truck beds with a truck topper over them, but this means that when they are sleeping, all their gear must be stored elsewhere.

Why do cars have rooftop tents?

During the camp season, your roof top tent can always be on top of your car, and most models let you keep your sleeping bags stowed neatly inside. Leave the worry about where youll sleep behind — your basecamp is always with you. A Roofnest allows you to get out and explore more often and more easily.

How safe are rooftop tents?

Rooftop tents are equally safe to ground-based tents given that they are appropriately sized and mounted to the vehicle and not overloaded with people or gear. Their raised elevation offers additional safety advantages from animals and water accumulation.

Do rooftop tents protect from bears?

While not a completely bear proof and solid sided structure, roof top tents are still able to keep you safer than a typical ground based tent setup. Roof top tents were invented for overlanding across the African deserts and to keep campers safe from predatory animals like lions and hyenas.

Are roof tents worth it?

Depending on what youre doing, a rooftop tent can be a wonderful convenience or a horrendous pain in the neck. If youre not going to be driving much during your camping trip, or if youre sleeping in a different place every night, this makes a rooftop tent more convenient than a traditional tent.

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