Question: What is the most expensive Martin guitar?

Kurt Cobains 1959 Martin D-18E guitar, famously played in Nirvanas historic 1993 “MTV Unplugged performance, has smashed the world record price for a guitar at auction, selling for US$6,000,010 at a Juliens auction in Hollywood today.

What is the top of the line Martin guitar?

The D-28 is the classic Martin guitar. Revered by musicians the world over, it is one of the go-to instruments for the worlds most talented guitarists. The guitar has the classic dreadnought good looks and it is quite apparent that the quality of build is very high.

What is the least expensive Martin guitar?

Road Series. Stepping up from the X series, Martins Road Series guitars are Martins lowest cost instruments with all solid-wood construction. They feature more handcrafted details and more sophisticated electronics in the models making them perfect for the gigging musicians.

Who owns the first Stratocaster?

The first strat with a serial number David Gilmour is the lucky owner of the Strat with the serial number 0001, but this is not the first Strat ever made in the Fender shop. The first Stratocaster is titled “0100” and was produced in April 1954, according to vintage expert George Gruhn.

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