Question: What do you say when your daughters boyfriend asks to marry her?

What to Say. Start by saying a sentence or two about your love for their daughter. Then say something about why you feel now is the time to move the relationship to the next level and follow it by asking for their blessing. For example, you might say, As you know, I love your daughter very much.

What to do when someone asks you to marry them?

Reply ideas include:I know that I care for you very much, and I think our relationship could really grow into something wonderful. I just believe we need see how things develop before we consider such a life-changing commitment.I really do love you, and Im not saying no. This is so sudden.

How do I talk to my daughters boyfriends parents?

Theres no doubt your daughter wants this to go off without a hitch and for the boyfriend to feel as comfortable as possible.Extend a handshake. Dont prejudge. Relax.Find some sort of common ground. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Keep smiling even if it hurts. Maintain positive body language. Private family information.More items •Jan 14, 2021

What questions should a father ask his daughters boyfriend?

1) “Why do you want to date my daughter?” 2) “What do you like to do for fun?” 3) “Are you religious?” 4) “What do you do for work?” 5) “Where do you see yourself in five years?” 6) “What are your parents like?” 7) “What is the craziest thing youve ever done?”More items

What should I call my girlfriends parents?

Do not call them by their first names until they ask you to. Even after you have met your girlfriends parents several times, address them as Mr. and Mrs. (Last Name) until they ask you to call them by their first names.

What do you do when you dont approve your sons girlfriend?

What to Do When You Dislike Your Sons GirlfriendReflect on why you feel the way you do. Get to know her better. Determine whether her flaws are actually harmful. Talk to your son if you genuinely feel his wellbeing is at stake. Accept his decision.Sep 25, 2018

Is it weird for a woman to propose to a man?

Can a woman propose to a man? Yes, of course, she can. Believe it or not, women proposing to men is not a new concept. Plenty of women have decided to drop down on one knee and do the asking themselves.

How can I impress my girlfriend family?

Make a Good First ImpressionDress well. Whether youre having dinner at the parents house or meeting them at a restaurant, you need step it up beyond a t-shirt and jeans. Bring a gift. Call them Mr. Be confident. Be present. Turn off your phone. Be affectionate with your girlfriend. Be positive.More items •Jun 24, 2019

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