Question: Is it better to date someone from a different school?

This is why its so much better to date someone who goes to a different school. Being in a relationship with someone from another school makes you appreciate and miss them more, creating more excitement and mystery in the relationship.

How do I deal with my boyfriend going to a different school?

Communicate regularly with your significant other. Share your ideas and emotions with your boyfriend or girlfriend, even if they seem minor. Its hard to read emotions into a phone or online conversation. Talk about your experiences openly and honestly. Ask about your partners day and share what happened with yours.

Can you fall in love with someone whos not your type?

If you find yourself attracted to someone who doesnt fit your type based on looks, be open to experiencing attraction in different ways. You might be more attracted to this person for who they are and less for how they appear. Attraction can happen on many fronts.

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