Question: What is special about West Palm Beach?

The pulse of The Palm Beaches With tropical energy pulsing through its palm-lined streets, West Palm Beach is a hub of nightlife, entertainment, cultural attractions and recreation in The Palm Beaches. Start your adventure in the vibrant neighborhoods of downtown West Palm Beach.

What are some things that make West Palm Beach so special?

Be sure to read through our list of the top attractions in West Palm Beach.Rosemary Square. Panther Ridge Conservation Center. Floridas Beloved Sea Cows at Manatee Lagoon. Stroll along Ritzy Worth Avenue. Lion Country Safari & Palm Beach Zoo. Ragtops Automobile Museum. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.More items •10 Mar 2020

What is Palm Beach best known for?

The island of Palm Beach is home to legendary resorts, exquisite mansions and historic landmarks, including Henry Flaglers former residence, now the Flagler Museum. Lined with stately palm trees, the shopping nirvana of Worth Avenue is known worldwide.

Is West Palm Beach a good place?

There is a variety of people here who are willing to make friends and overall its great. West palm beach is amazing place to live at if you like being from the beach 10 minutes away and Palm Beach also has so much commercial and shopping places or even places to adventure to like the zoo, museum, or art galleries.

Is West Palm Beach the rich part?

Palm Beach is home to stunning waterfront estates and some of the most expensive listings in Florida. West Palm Beachs subtropical climate and gorgeous shores define a place that began attracting the rich and famous a century ago and continues to attract generations of wealthy — and not-so-wealthy — residents.

Is it safe to drink West Palm Beach water?

The Department of Health in Palm Beach County determined Friday that it is now safe for all residents to use tap water for drinking.

Is West Palm Beach more expensive than Miami?

A West Palm Beach zip code doesnt have quite the prestige of a Miami one, but the overall cost of living is much cheaper. The median home price is only $216k—a steal for waterfront property. If you can afford the higher cost of living in Miami, then it might be worth it.

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