Question: What does Ohac mean in lonely hearts?

OHAC in British English abbreviation for. own house and car: used in online dating sites and personal advertisements.

What does Ohac stand for?

OHACAcronymDefinitionOHACOregon Health Action Campaign (est. 1985)OHACOwn House and Car (personal ads)OHACOccupational Health Advisory Committee (United Kingdom)OHACOhio Housing Authorities Conference4 more rows

What does OHSC mean in lonely hearts?

OHSC stands for “Original Hard Shell Case”, and means that the guitar comes with the original case that it was sold inside of, not a replacement or aftermarket product.

What are lonely hearts ads?

Lonely Hearts Long History Before the days of online dating and swiping right or left on dating apps, placing marriage ads in newspapers was one option for lonely Americans seeking companionship. Today, these ads are often called lonely hearts ads, but they used to be known as personal or matrimonial ads.

What does OSHC stand for guitar?

Original Hard Shell Case.

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