Question: Is Waterford Crystal still popular?

Following fashion, Waterford Crystal has now become its victim, writes Deirdre McQuillan. At a time when the current vogue is for glamour and decoration, an old glass manufacturer, Swarovski, has made crystal the coolest and most desirable embellishment for clothes and accessories.

Is there a resale market for Waterford Crystal?

Good news! There is a busy resale market for these items. Estate Sale expert Daniel Sanders with Four Sales in the Washington DC area gives us the inside scoop on Waterford Crystal stemware.

Is Waterford Crystal still in business?

#2 WATERFORD CRYSTAL IS NOW AN AMERICAN OWNED COMPANY In February, 2009 the U.S. equity firm KPS Capital bought WWRD Holdings, Ltd.

Lismore Waterfords most popular cut-crystal pattern, Lismore, was created by the companys designer Miroslav Havel in 1952. It was inspired by the spectacular Lismore Castle in Waterford County, Ireland, a magnificently turreted structure with intricate leaded windows.

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