Question: Is it against Bro Code to date your friends ex?

However, the answer to the title is essentially yes, it is SOMETIMES okay to date a Bros ex. Beginning with number one, the term Bro is used pretty loosely nowadays. I mean, I bet some of you say, “Thanks Bro” to the guy who delivers your pizza, but that doesnt mean you guys are friends.

Is it against girl code to date your best friends ex?

“Girl code is the rules of being a woman, especially with regards to dating,” says Ellen Scott. Its stuff like: you cant date your friends ex, you also cant date your exs friend. If you saw your friends boyfriend cheating on them – youd have to tell your friend.

How do I apologize for breaking girl code?

How To Apologize To Your Girl FriendStart the letter by acknowledging that you hurt her and validating her feelings.Be genuine. Say you are sorry and how much you want to fix things. Take responsibility for your faults and ask her for forgiveness.Promise her that it will never happen again.End on a positive note.25 Oct 2019

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