Question: How do you audition for love is blind?

To audition, reality fans 18 years and older in the US, Canada and UK must submit a one-minute video that showcases their authentic selves on Netflixs new casting site, Video submissions should highlight the real you, a press release states, with no ring light, no glam.

How do you get casted for love is blind?

Fill Out an Application For season 1, Love Is Blind used a production company called Kinetic Content. Donna Driscoll, Kinetic Contents VP of Casting, told Decider that viewers should bookmark two sites to be cast on future seasons.

How much does it cost to enter love is blind?

How much did the Love Is Blind weddings cost? The weddings took place on a Thursday, when guests are charged $4,000 (£3,094) for use of the facilities and have a minimum spend of $9,000 (£6,960) on food and drink.

Is love is blind all staged?

Well, despite the wild concept and intense scenes on the show, Love is Blind isnt actually scripted! Chris went on to say that the producers of Love is Blind initially planned for only two proposals, thinking that the premise of the show might not actually take off.

Are Kelly and Kenny from Love Is Blind still together?

Since Love Is Blind, Kenny and Kelly have both moved on with their lives in different ways. Kenny recently proposed to his girlfriend, Alexandra Garrison. After taking about a year off from dating after the show, Kenny met Alexandra through his younger sister. Kelly has been all business since leaving Love Is Blind.

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