Question: Do Fender use CTS pots?

Fender Stratocaster Start 5-Way Wiring Kit – CRL Switch – CTS Pots. This kit comes with a GRL five-way switch, a CTS 250k with split shaft pots and a Switchcraft output jack. When Start players are looking to replace their guitars electronics, these are usually the components they seek out.

What pots do Fender use?

Most Fender-type guitars use split-shaft pots, meaning the shaft of the control has a slit down the middle. That will let you squeeze the Fender Stratocaster style knob onto them. But some guitar controls have a little grub screw on the side and these need a solid shaft post, as that grub screw needs to grip tight.

What does CTS stand for pots?

Emerson Pro Pots (CTS) Potentiometers are custom made by CTS to Emerson specifications. Emerson Pro Pots are low torque and feature a proprietary custom audio taper that ware designed to maximize response (think turning down your volume to 2 and its the same effect as turning down your amps volume knob).

Are alpha guitar pots good?

Alpha Pots: theyre everywhere and in everything. They have a great dampened feel, are fairly well made and are cheap. But I have spent some time cleaning these things up and/or replacing them. The inexpensive Bournes seem to be no better in this area.

Do active pickups need special pots?

Active pickups are usually ok with any resistance between 25K and 100K without behaving erratically. The reason for the special treatment of active pickups has do with output impedance, which is usually a lot lower in active pickups compared to their passive counterparts. This makes them require lower resistance pots.

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