Question: Is Wollongong a good place to live?

Pro: It has great beaches Arguably the best part of living in Wollongong is having easy access to awesome beaches. Some of the citys favourite spots include: Wollongong City Beach (5-minute drive from CBD) Stanwell Park Beach (35-minute drive from CBD)

What is the crime rate in Wollongong?

Crime rates in Wollongong, AustraliaLevel of crime52.20ModerateProblem people using or dealing drugs65.24HighProblem property crimes such as vandalism and theft58.25ModerateProblem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery43.25ModerateProblem corruption and bribery42.99Moderate8 more rows

How expensive is living in Australia?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 972$ (1,326A$) without rent. Cost of living in Australia is, on average, 11.60% higher than in United States. Rent in Australia is, on average, 10.94% lower than in United States .Cost of Living in Australia.RestaurantsEditMortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate3.6065 more rows

Do people commute from Wollongong to Sydney?

It is estimated that a massive 20,000 people commute from Wollongong to Sydney daily… with the new tunnel up and running, it will be a big difference for daily travellers.

How safe is Shellharbour?

Shellharbour Local Government Area has a high rate of domestic violence and is ranked 64th out of 152 NSW Local Government Areas. The Shellharbour rate of domestic violence is higher than the state average and is ranked higher than Wollongong (82nd), Kiama (118th), Wingecarribee (100th) and Shoalhaven (67th).

How much salary is needed to live comfortably in Australia?

Living cost in Australia for one person: $2,835 per month. Average living expenses for a couple: $4,118 per month. Average monthly living expenses for a family of 4: $5,378.

Is healthcare free in Australia?

Medicare and the public hospital system provide free or low-cost access for all Australians to most of these health care services. Private health insurance gives you choice outside the public system.

How many people commute from Wollongong to Sydney?

20,000 people The plan allegedly shows the popular commute being cut from about an hour and a half, to 66 minutes. It is estimated that a massive 20,000 people commute from Wollongong to Sydney daily… with the new tunnel up and running, it will be a big difference for daily travellers.

What is unique about Wollongong?

Among Australias myriad of sun-kissed coastal towns and cities, Wollongong is one of the lesser known. Situated south of Sydney along the Grand Pacific Drive, the city draws visitors with its idyllic surfing beaches and dramatic rock pools, while numerous hiking and biking trails encircle forests and rocky cliffs.

Is Shellharbour worth visiting?

Shellharbour is blossoming into holiday heaven on the NSW South Coast as more travellers discover its many charms. The spectacular coastal scenery is alluring, and the array of things to do is vast, including surfing, golfing, rainforest walks, fishing, boating, scuba diving or simply relaxing with a book on the beach.

What is it like to live in Shellharbour?

Shellharbour- A Beautiful Seaside Town The shopping centre and City centre is amazing too and with the renovations being done to the shopping centre with Myres comming in it will only become even better. The new housing estates like Shell Cove, Blackbutt and Flinders are really attractive areas to live in.

How much is the train from Sydney to Wollongong?

The cheapest way to get from Sydney to Wollongong is to train which costs $6 - $9 and takes 1h 44m.

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