Question: Which country is best for international students?

Which country is best for jobs for international students?

Here are some of the most popular and safe countries that allow you to work abroad after graduation, plus the visa options that they offer.Australia. Australia loves international students! UK. New Zealand. Canada. Ireland.

Which country is most expensive to live?

Iceland is the worlds third-most expensive country, with a cost of living index of 123.96 .Most Expensive Countries To Live In 2021.CountryCost of Living Index2021 PopulationBermuda138.2262,090Switzerland122.678,715,494Norway104.495,465,630United States Virgin Islands97.23104,226130 more rows

Which country give job easily?

Cambodia is not only the easiest country to get a work visa, its also one of the best countries to get a work visa! The popular business visa is easily renewable and youll be surrounded by other expats, living and working in a paradise, surrounded by fascinating history and culture.

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