Question: Who has Lee Seung Gi dated?

How long did Seung Gi and YoonA date?

Kpop Behind | All the Stories Behind Kpop Stars In 2015, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona have broken up after dating for a year and 9 months. I think many kpop fans felt sad about it because the two seemed to be a perfect match.

Does Jung So-min have a baby?

After ringing the doorbell, he walked in to find Jung So Min holding a baby. She revealed that she was the final member of the cast, and then introduced the baby in her arms as her nephew Yoo An. Lee Seung Gi was given a tour of the home, and the three of them headed to the outside area.

Why did Jung So-min break up?

Koreaboo reports that their breakup was first revealed by Dispatch which stated: They spent a lot of time apart. They had a lot of schedules, so they drifted away from each other. They have decided to just focus on their own work now.

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