Question: Where is the secret bar in Houston Texas?

Where is the Secret Garden in Houston?

Secret Garden HTX409 Travis st Suite A, Houston, TX 77002. Get Directions.Rating · 4.2.(832) Seating.Located in the heart of downtown, Secret Garden brings craft coffee and cocktails to Houstons highly anticipated Bravery Chef Hall. Price Range · $$

How do you get into secret garden Houston?

Secret Garden Bar can be accessed from the hall and from its own entrance on Main Street.

Where do Nigerians hang out in Houston?

Best Nigerian Club in Houston, TXO2 Hookah Cafe. 16.2 mi. $$ Hookah Bars. Baba Jollof. 12.3 mi. African, Hookah Bars. Peli Peli - Galleria. 6.4 mi. 1880 reviews. Sabo Suya Spot. 12.9 mi. $ African. Kingsview Cafe N Lounge. 11.6 mi. $$ African, Lounges. Trinity African Bar & Grill. 11.2 mi. Sky Hookah Lounge. 17.1 mi. Lux Tavern. 16.4 mi.More items

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