Question: Why are there so many singles in Glasgow?

Is Glasgow famous for anything?

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, Scot. Glasgows Hampden Park is the home ground of Scotlands national football (soccer) team. The city is also the home of two of the worlds most renowned club teams, Celtic and Rangers, collectively known as the “Old Firm.” Their fierce rivalry dates from 1888.

Is Glasgow depressing?

As Glaswegians we may find it hard to believe that our home city has been named as one of the most miserable in the UK. According to a recent study from 9NINE Super Seed brand, Glasgow ranks 21st in a list of the happiest cities in the UK while Brighton and Hove takes number one spot.

What is unique about Glasgow?

Glasgow is a vibrant and welcoming city bursting with character, personality and great experiences. No matter when you visit, youll find world-class visitor attractions, unique neighbourhoods, stunning architecture, an ever-evolving food and drink scene and legendary nightlife.

What is wrong with Glasgow?

What is worse, the city has an alarmingly high mortality rate. It found that residents of Glasgow are about 30% more likely to die young, and 60% of those excess deaths are triggered by just four things - drugs, alcohol, suicide and violence. Moreover the Glasgow Effect is relatively new.

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