Question: How do you tell someone youre dating that you have OCD?

Make sure to acknowledge what your partner is feeling and offer empathy, especially because it can be hard for someone with OCD to open up about whats going on in their head. If this is the case, encourage them to share a story about a character or an event that resembles what theyre feeling.

How do you tell someone you have OCD?

Disclose your OCD on your terms, in your time Telling your friends about your OCD shouldnt be about having them further accommodate your symptoms or making them 100% understand your struggles; it should be about sharing your life with them and allowing others to support you in your journey, wherever you may be.

How do I accept OCD thoughts?

25 Tips for Succeeding in Your OCD TreatmentAlways expect the unexpected. Be willing to accept risk. Never seek reassurance from yourself or others. Always try hard to agree with all obsessive thoughts — never analyze, question, or argue with them. Dont waste time trying to prevent or not think your thoughts.More items

Who is a famous person with OCD?

David Beckham perhaps being the most famous and commonly referred to celebrity linked to OCD here in the UK. Others include: Billy Bob Thornton.

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