Question: What do you mean by spindle whorls?

Spindle whorls are perforated weights from wooden drop spindles. Their weight helped give the spindle momentum in the twisting, or spinning, of fibres into yarn, for later making into textiles.

What are spindle whorls in Harappan civilization?

A spindle whorl is a disk-shaped object with a hole in the center, and it is used in the ancient art of making cloth. The presence of a spindle whorl on an archaeological site is an indication of the technological advance of textile production called spinning.

What is spindle geography?

A spindle is a straight spike usually made from wood used for spinning, twisting fibers such as wool, flax, hemp, cotton into yarn. Spindles come in many different sizes and weights depending on the thickness of the yarn one desires to spin.

Which cells in humans is spindle shaped?

Muscle cells are the spindle-shaped cells found in the human body. They have a spindle shape because they control the human bodys contraction and relaxation. The connective tissues encircle these cells.

What is another name for a spindle on a car?

Spindles are carried by steering knuckles or uprights. Although, the terms steering knuckle and upright are sometimes used interchangeably with spindle, they refer to different parts.

What does the Charkha symbolize?

Mahatma Gandhi ingenously deployed the charkha or spinning wheel as an important tool for political emancipation, by using it as a metaphor of ancient work ethics and as a symbol of economic and social reaction to the British Rule.

What are muscle spindles an example of?

Muscle spindles and tendon organs are types of encapsulated proprioceptive sense organs found in skeletal muscle, and important for motor control. Tendon organs typically have single sensory endings of group Ib nerve fibers and are located at the myo-tendinous junction.

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