Question: What is a DD date?

What does DD mean in date?

dated dated. Explanation: d.d. (or dd) is a pretty standard English business acronym meaning dated). Dated. DD stands for Dated.

What does DD stand for?

AcronymDefinitionDDDoctor of DivinityDDDeliveredDDDue DateDDDirect Download211 more rows

What is DD in project management?

A data date, also known by the two letter abbreviation DD, refers specifically to the date in the life of an ongoing project upon and through which the previously defined system of reporting for that given project is to provide the actual status of that project and the accomplishments attained in regards to that

What comes first SD or DD?

What does Design Development (DD) mean? After the completion of Schematic Design (SD), the Design Development phase takes it a step further by planning structural systems, building systems, building materials, etc.

What are DD plans?

Design Development Sets – Refining the Design The main goal of this phase is to define and develop the important aspects of the project. The exterior, interior layouts, room sizes, and materials are more fully designed. The engineers will further develop the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

What is DD package?

DD is the proper DD package. You get a data, doc, inc and src file for the data, documentation, include files and source code. The data directory contains some data files (eg example configuration files). The Makefile produces the binaries in bin/OS.

What are DD drawings?

Design Development Sets – Refining the Design The engineers will further develop the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. The deliverable is a much more detailed set of drawings than in the schematic phase and a specification book, which can be thought of as written instructions for the drawings.

What does 100 DD mean in construction?

100% DDs would be 100 % complete shop drawings.

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