Question: Whos Lindsey Vonns boyfriend?

Olympic skier and gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban announced via Instagram on Tuesday that they have called off their engagement. The two got engaged in August of 2019 when Subban popped the question. Vonn also proposed to Subban, doing so shortly later on Christmas.

Is Subban still with Lindsey Vonn?

Subban. “Over the past 3 years PK and I have had some incredible times together,” Vonn wrote at the time. “He is a kind, good man, and someone I respect a great deal. “However, after much consideration we have decided to move forward separately.

Who is subban dating?

Vonn and Subban, a decorated NHL defenseman, said they met at a Nickelodeon sports-awards show in 2017 and began their romance several months later. In October, she said the coronavirus pandemic was delaying their plans to get married. “Were kind of in a holding pattern right now,” Vonn told People at the time.

What does Paige DeSorbo do?

Paige DeSorbo is a journalist and freelance TV host. She joined the cast of Summer House during season three.

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