Question: How do I set up Momo app?

Open the Google Play Store or iOS App store and download the MTN Momo App. Once installed, the app will request permission to access your phone calendar, camera, location, phone, and storage. You will then be asked to select your country after which you will be asked to input your phone number.

How do I register for MoMo app?

Download the MoMo app on Playstore and register for free - fees apply to certain transactions only. Download the MTN MoMo app or register on *120*151# today!

How do I set up MTN MoMo?

Registration processDial *5051#. ( Select Register and send.Select your region in which you intend to operate and send.You will receive a reference number via SMS.Write the reference number received on the MoMo registration forms.MTN MoMo Agent will call and also visit your location for inspection.More items

How can I get MoMo statement?

Requesting for a mini statementStep 1: Dial *165#Step 2: Select my accountStep 3: Select request mini statementStep 4: Enter your Mobile Money PIN.Step 5: You will receive a notification.16 Jul 2018

How can I get my MoMo voucher number?

Re: retrieve voucher number without cancelling ins Please be advised that if youve lost the Instant Money voucher number or deleted the SMS that contains the voucher number, you can contact our emerging payments call centre on 0860 466 639 to retrieve the voucher number after performing a security check.

How many numbers does instant money voucher have?

10 numbers An Instant Money voucher has 10 numbers, and the PIN has 4 numbers. How do I activate my Instant Money Wallet? If you have a valid South African cellphone number and ID, you can activate your Instant Money Wallet by dialling *120*212#. You will need to create a 5-digit PIN to secure your wallet.

How do I find my instant money voucher number?

How do I find my Standard Bank instant money voucher number?Dial *120*212#Pick the “Manage Voucher” option.Choose “Top up with IM voucher”.Choose the voucher you wish to redeem and key in your 4-digit cash collection PIN.24 Sep 2020

How do I get instant money pin?

How Instant Money worksRegister for Instant Money by dialling *120*212#, enter your ID number and create a unique Instant Money Wallet PIN.Access your Instant Money Wallet through Internet Banking, Cellphone Banking, on the app or at our ATMs and retail partners, and load money into it.More items

How do I get a MoMo agent?

Requirements for MoMo AgentsHave an existing business or willing to invest in agency business.Have a Brick & Mortar/Immovable retail shop e.g. Pharmacy Pop & Mom Shop located in high foot traffic.Viable means of identification (National ID, Drivers License, International passport or Voters card).More items

How do I fund my MoMo agent wallet?

There are 3 ways to cash-in to your MoMo wallet:Cash-in from a bank card or account through the MoMo app or by dialling *120*151#Visit any MTN store.Find a MoMo agent.

Can I withdraw instant money without pin?

Re: Forgot instant money pin Please be advised that you will need to contact customer care on 0860 123 000 and provide your ID number in order to be assisted with retrieving your pin.

How do I check my instant money balance?

Access your Instant Money Wallet by dialling *120*212#.

How can I fund my MoMo?

You can fund your momo account directly from your bank, using your mobile banking app. You can fund your MTN momo account from your Access bank mobile app, GTB mobile app, and other banks mobile apps. Funding your momo account from your mobile app is very easy.

How do I transfer money with MoMo?

Send/Receive Money5 Easy Steps to Send Money Through an MoMo Agent.OR.Step 2: Handover Cash and receivers phone number to Agent.Step 3: 6 digits control number will be sent to you once agent complete transaction. Step 4: Communicate your 6 digits control number to the receiver of the money.More items

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