Question: What language do Romanians speak?

The official language is Romanian, and it is spoken by approximately 89% of the 23m population. Hungarian is spoken by around 7% of the population, mainly in Transylvania. There is also a population of German speakers who make up around 1.5% of the national population.

What language is Romanian similar to?

Romanian is a Latin-derived language closely related to Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Despite being a Romance language, Romanian is often left out of Romance language degree programs despite its interesting history and beauty. Romanian is the only Romance language that developed in Eastern Europe.

Do most Romanians speak French?

In Romania there are several languages spoken .Languages of RomaniaOfficialRomanian (>90%)MinorityHungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, German, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Tatar, Serbian, Slovak, Bulgarian, CroatianForeignEnglish (31%) French (17%) German (7%) Italian (7%)SignedRomanian Sign Language

Does Romanian speak Italian?

Compared with the other Romance languages, the closest relative of Romanian is Italian; the two languages show a limited degree of asymmetrical mutual intelligibility, especially in their cultivated forms: speakers of Romanian seem to understand Italian more easily than the other way around, so learning Romanian, you

Is Romania a 1st world country?

The economy of a First World country is stable, and there is a high standard of living. These countries have capitalist economies .First World Countries 2021.CountryHuman Development Index2021 PopulationRussia0.816145,912,025Montenegro0.814628,053Bulgaria0.8136,896,663Romania0.81119,127,774152 more rows

Where should I live in Romania?

A Guide to the Best Cities in Romania1 Brasov. Brasov. Delightful Brasov is home to one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Europe. 2 Sighisoara. Sighisoara. 3 Bucharest. Bucharest. 4 Sibiu. Sibiu. 5 Sinaia. Sinaia. 6 Timisoara. Timisoara.Jun 24, 2019

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