Question: Where do the rich live in Belgium?

Sint-Martens-Latem is Belgiums richest place, and what about your municipality? Local residents in Sint-Martens-Latem, near Ghent, boast the highest average income of all Belgian municipalities. They can count on an annual income of 27,678 euros.

Where is the most expensive place to live in Belgium?

Brussels is not only the most expensive city to live in Belgium; it is the 55th most expensive city to live in the world (out of Top 575). An average monthly rent in Brussels for a one bedroom apartment goes for about 766.73 Euros. Brussels cost of living index is 85.57.

Who is the richest person in Belgium?

2021 Belgian billionaires listWorld RankNameCitizenship228Eric WittouckBelgium2035Luc TackBelgium2524Jan Van GeetBelgium

Is Brussels a safe place to live?

Despite the high alert for terrorist attacks, Brussels is a safe place to live. There may be the risk of something happening, but this is the case in many European countries, and living your life in fear wouldnt be a good way to go about things.

How many millionaires are in Belgium?

Countries by number and percentage of millionairesCountry or subnational areaNumber of millionaires (USD)Percentage of millionaires (USD) (% of adult population)Belgium (more)514,8595.7Austria (more)346,1724.8Denmark (more)306,8236.7Singapore (more)269,9255.536 more rows

Who is the richest woman in Europe?

# 1 Françoise Bettencourt Meyers & family Françoise Bettencourt Meyers will remain the richest woman in Europe in 2020. Worldwide, the LOréal heiress (66) had to cede the top position to Walmart heiress Alice Walton.

Is it safe to walk at night in Brussels?

Is Brussels safe at night? Yes, Brussels is safe at night. Do keep in mind that the hours after dark can get sketchy no matter where you are travelling to. As long as you dont randomly walk around alone at night or make it very obvious that youre a tourist, you should be perfectly safe.

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