Question: How do you introduce a dating app?

What is a good introduction for dating apps?

25 Opening Lines To Use On Dating Apps That Wont Put You To SleepWhats Your Theme Song? How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words? Cheese, Pepperoni, Or Hawaiian? Whats The Worst Opening Line Youve Ever Received? Whats The Best Place Youve Traveled? Whats The Worst Date Youve Ever Been On?More items •Jan 23, 2019

How does the intro dating app work?

When you match with someone on The Intro, youll be on a video date within hours or days. Each day you receive personalised Intros. If you like an Intro and they like you back, you match! Once matched, share your availability and The Intro schedules a video date at a time thats convenient for both of you.

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