Question: What are the five types of clasps?

What is the strongest type of clasp?

Lobster Claws The Lobster Claw Clasp is in my Opinion, the Very BEST Type of Clasp to have for any Chain or Pendant! They are Thicker, Heavy Duty, Durable, Secure, and can (should be) Soldered onto the Chain so they dont pull open!

Is a lobster clasp good?

Aside from this potential problem, spring rings and lobsters are very safe clasps that do not easily come undone. Lobster Claw and Spring Ring Clasps are great all around clasps to use because they fit with most any design and budget. Though they are versatile, they are somewhat difficult to use.

What is a slider bracelet?

A slider is not a burger its the new jewelry trend : a precious and convenient system that gracefully ends your bracelet. The slider system was a common practice in costume jewelry enabling to adjust to a perfect length a bracelet made of all kinds of fabrics.

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