Question: Why is avoidant personality disorder confusing for partners?

For the partners of those with avoidant personality, the experience of trying to understand them is often extremely confusing. Partners often get mired in trying to figure out what the avoidant personality wants or is communicating, and the partners typically feel at a loss to do so and dont know what to think.

How does avoidant personality disorder affect relationships?

Although they may desire intimacy and affection, people with avoidant personality often have trouble maintaining meaningful relationships. Their fear of rejection prevents them from opening up and meeting new people.

Why do individuals with avoidant personality disorder avoid most relationships?

People with avoidant personality disorder have chronic feelings of inadequacy and are highly sensitive to being negatively judged by others. Though they would like to interact with others, they tend to avoid social interaction due to the intense fear of being rejected by others.

How do you deal with a avoidant partner?

If you choose to be with a partner with an avoidant style, here are 18 approaches that can help:1) Dont chase. 2) Dont take it personally. 3) Ask for what you want rather than complaining about what you dont want. 4) Reinforce positive actions. 5) Offer understanding. 6) Be reliable and dependable.More items •6 Jul 2018

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