Question: Can Nigerians join tinder?

Verdict: 8/10 – Tinder is the perfect dating app for those Nigerians who want to keep dating simple. Friendite makes it into third place on the list of the best Nigerian dating apps for mobile. The reason is that it is targeted at Nigerian singles.

Is Tinder allowed in Nigeria?

Yes. Tinder is fully available in Nigeria.

Can you join Tinder in another country?

Tinder just made its Passport feature free, so you can match with people from all over the world. Tinders Passport feature lets you connect with singles all over the world.

How do I pay for Tinder gold in Nigeria?

Just enter the phone number registered with your Tinder account, select the value of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Subscription will be added immediately to your Tinder account. Pay with convenience using Bank Transfer.

How do I find my Tinder feed?

To access your Tinder Feed, simply tap the chat icon at the top right of the screen. Then tap “Matches” and start scrolling through all the recent activity. Tinder Feed is interactive as well. The idea is that having specific content to comment on makes reaching out to a match easier.

Can I use Zoosk in Nigeria?

In other words, Zoosk has a small following in Nigeria but not nearly as much as its two main rivals. Device availability: Zoosk can be downloaded onto mobiles using Apple, Android and Windows operating systems. Its now even available via the Amazon App Store.

How do I find people from another country on tinder?

To change your location on Tinder: Go to the Settings or App Settings screen and tap Swiping in (Android) or Location (iOS). Tap the option to “Add a new location.” Enter the city you want to swipe in into the search bar.

How do I get a free trial of Tinder gold?

How Can You Get the Free Tinder Gold Trial?Open your Tinder app.Go to your Tinder account.Click on Settings.Tap on Get Tinder Gold.Choose a plan.Fill in your bank information.

Why cant I see feed on Tinder?

It seems like that with the new updated version of Tinder, Tinder has disabled this awesome feature so the Tinder Feed is gone. It seems like not too many people used the Tinder feed feature too frequently so they decided to stop displaying it in your Messages tab.

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